Testimonials From Israeli Immigrants

Dear friends at Project Nehemiah,
I want to thank you for your care for us – people who came to the Holy Land of Israel. Recently, I received a gift on your behalf. I sincerely thank you. It just came in handy. I have been in Israel for 10 years. I grew up in an orphan’s home and appreciate everything and everyone who cares and supports. You are the first who helped me. I’m retired and live alone. My children live in Russia, my husband passed away. I’m not complaining about my difficult life, I just want to thank you for your care for people. I believe in God, too. I pray and He helps me in difficult moments. I sincerely wish you health for many years.
With respect to you,
Genya M
Netanya, Israel
Dear Project Nehemiah,
We are the “B” family. We express our deep gratitude for the gift we received on your behalf during the Hanukah season. Thank you for who you are. Thank you for the interest you show to the Jewish people who came from all over the world. Your deeds arouse our deep gratitude, admiration and respect to you.
With deep respect,
Lilia and Svetlana B
Netanya, Israel
Dear Project Nehemiah,
My name is Evgenia Kagan, living in the Bney Aish town. I'm 69 years old, have two grandson who do their service in the Israeli Army, and a granddaughter who is ll. My son and my daughter have their own families. Today I had a wonderful day! It started with meeting you. If there would be more such good and generous people like you, our world would be richer and kinder.
Thank you very much for your gift and warm words.
Dear Project Nehemiah,
My name is Benjamin. I am a new immigrant in the land of Israel. I came from the United States with very little in the way of clothes and possessions. I received your gift of a warm blanket through Project Nehemiah. It will be a tremendous blessing to me because my home does not have heat. But more important is the fact that you showed me, a Jew you never met...love!
I want to thank you for your offering to our G-d and to our Messiah. Yours in Jesus precious name...
Dear Project Nehemiah,
I got a blanket on your behalf through Project Nehemiah. I couldn't keep in the tears of gratitude. My heart is warmed just by the thought that there are unknown people who help by donating their money.
May God keep you safe!